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Lewis Rose-Anderson. Founder, Road To Success!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Lord Lewis Rose-Anderson

Founder & CEO, Solaire Logistice Ltd

From a young age, I've worked for many delivery companies including vehicle logistics companies. At the age of 27, I started working for a vehicle logistics company that happened to be thriving. I fell in love with the position I was given and decided to research everything about vehicle transportation. Mid 2021 I quit my job and was determined to start my own vehicle logistics company. I've always envied the idea of becoming my own boss and working more flexibly, so after months of studying and preparation, I chose to register the company (Solaire Logistics Ltd) late 2021 as a private limited company. Solaire Logistics Ltd are now a fully operational UK based transport company with several employees. Our long term future plans are to expand the company internationally.

Solaire Logistics Ltd are a rapidly expanding professional driving company providing vehicle logistics to the automotive industry and the general public who need their vehicles collected and delivered. We are a UK based vehicle transport company registered in 2021. We deliver a flexible service which includes a free vehicle inspection and live updates. All vehicles are driven on trade plates.

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